Beat Yesterday Campaign

One of Garmin's first (and biggest) fitness campaigns, promoting its wearables.


'Beat Yesterday' was a simple challenge to viewers across all fitness and activity levels: better yourself, one day at a time. The digital component was a central component to the a larger Beat Yesterday campaign consisting of print, social, video, etc.


Working alongside Ryan Glendening who served as Creative Director, I led design and development of the interactive/digital experience. This included an interactive website, branding style guide, as well as email campaign.


The World's Yesterday

It was important for the site to feel dynamic, consistently changing, and live; similar to your goals when you seek to beat your yesterday. Working with the fine Garmin Connect folks, we were able to harness the global data from all Garmin wearables. Below are a few early concepts for how Connect data could be utilized.

Garmin Beat Yesterday interactive concept Garmin Beat Yesterday interactive concept Garmin Beat Yesterday interactive concept


The interactive experience was simple, dynamic, interesting, and featured product front and center. Using a custom Garmin Connect API, the experience incorporated live data (that updated by the millisecond) and immersive, full width, looping activity videos.


Style Guide

Being a global company, there were many, many people in offices around the world consistently using the Beat Yesterday assets and brand. I worked to transform the ideas and guidelines around the brand into a site that could be easily updated, easily found, provide assets, and accessible anywhere.


Marketing Email

Email too!

You know what sucks? Designing & developing emails. Following the live-data-big-numbers theme, I was able to leverage the same API to build a dynamic, self-updating email based on the time of day, and the world's current numbers.

Turns out, dynamic stuff in email is the worst sorta hard. I wrote about all of the nitty-gritty details here, and posted the source code on Github. The email won a KC Interactive Gold Addy Award.

Details & Tech

Nerdy Stuff

The interactive experience was built on the Laravel PHP framework, and used a custom API built on top of Garmin Connect. I built the style guide using a custom Jekyll architecture – similar to the one found here. The email was built using a custom PHP script and gif generator, check out the the write-up.

The People

I collaborated with Garmin creative directors Ryan Glendening and Matt Bowne. We worked with the Garmin Connect (apps) team to get the data itself & surfacing it throughout devices.

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