Modco Pipeline Closures

Modco is a b2b company focused on one single product: a pipeline closure called the Figure 500


When it comes to big oil and gas I'm not exactly an engineer. Which is why I relate Modco to a gas cap, but for the giant oil and water pipes instead of my '02 Taurus. More officially; Modco makes the best in class easy access ( < 1 min) threaded pipeline closures.


Working together with my good friend Jason Yang (who served as project manager), I served as main consultant as well as designer and developer on the entire site.

Keep it simple

Most projects I'll spent way too much time trying to design unique buttons. I inevitably decide something simple and standard works better. I found a nice medium with an outline accent hover and sharp edges to add small unique detail that compliments the interface.

Style Boards

Creating Patterns

Oil equipment isn't at the top of every designer's list when it comes to product aesthetics. Definitely not pipeline closures. Nevertheless, it was easy to share in the passion of a company that takes pride in producing the absolute best product, and important to create a visual system that reflected it.

Styleboards for Modco Styleboards for Modco Styleboards for Modco


Page Design

Pages of technical information and user manuals were simplified something that was easy to understand, sold the product and provided the support necessary to the engineers using the product.


Quality Assurance page
History page


Built for 'the rig'

The site serviced both clients sitting in pitch meetings, as well as engineers in the field troubleshooting issues, so a sterling mobile experience was essential to reducing support calls, and increasing sales.

Details & Tech

It was fantastic being able to dictate my own stack for this project. I decided to use Perch as a CMS (something that from a dev standpoint saved me many hours) and Media Temple grid servers for hosting. I used git for version control and to keep the repository private, hosted the remote on Dropbox. For the rest, I used my typical workflow of Grunt/Sass etc.

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